Past and Present Webmasters

  • Sulaiman House, 5 Science One
  • An engineer with Telecom Malaysia
  • Graduate of Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Last known game played was some bum smacking-related computer game
  • Notorious for his abuse of BRU 'Bilik Kebal' in Surau Big School to skive anything related to sport
  • Currently busy with some pre-pubescent related website though he denounces paedophilia
  • Sulaiman House, 5 Science Five
  • An engineer with Tenaga Nasional Berhad
  • Graduate of Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Known to be very good with 'stick-related games' (read hockey)
  • Somehow nicknamed Jo'hari-mau' although allegation that this reflects his 'preying' nature is still highly debatable
  • Mohd. Shah House, 5 Science One
  • A lecturer at Telecom University (God help the students!)
  • Graduate of University of Essex, England
  • Particularly good at making outrageous statements with regards to human and non-human sexual behaviours
  • Nicknamed Buncit for his beer belly even though he does not consume beer or lager
  • One of the main contenders for the title 'Kingtaktion' i.e. King Bataque Ration whose 'bataqueness' could only be rivalled by Muta
  MOHD. RAFIZI RAMLI (2000 - )
  • Sulaiman House, 5 Science One
  • An accountant in London
  • Graduate of University of Leeds, England
  • Apparently keep a very low profile, therefore not much is known of him

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