Did You Miss Any of Your Mails?

Don't worry - this site keeps some of the mails from the 9094 mail list .

The list is co-maintained by Mr Jures Yahya (previously at Vanderbilt Univeristy and currently attached to Telekom Malaysia) and Syed Mohd. Jamalullail Bilfagih bin Syed Mahdar Bilfagih aka Moto; an engineering student at Blois University, Republic of France.

The list is hosted by YahooGroups and therefore is subject to rules and regulations as prescribed by YahooGroups.

To subscribe to the list, simply send a blank e-mail to this address, or enter your e-mail into the form on the left hand column.

If you are too 'technologically impaired' to follow that simple instruction but desperately want to join the group - you can e-mail the webmaster or the moderators. You are required to state your financial position and the moderators may ask you to deposit an arbitrary amount of cash to their accounts - your membership to this exclusively saucy mailing list will be activated upon receipt of that cash. To avoid possible legal wrangling in the future, the webmaster abdicates any responsibility in the event that the moderators display obscene and pervert behaviours in their correspondence with you - since their peculiar sexual habits have been medically tested and documented.

To find out more about the list and all e-mails sent within the past twelve months, please visit YahooGroups page:

Next update 15 March 2001

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This site is maintained by Ooi Guan Kok, who once taught Biology in Malay College. Master Ooi Guan Kok is presently a freelance writer based in Karai, Sungei Siput.

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