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  • All articles, photos and images are the sole property of the webmasters
  • Articles published do not necessarily reflect the opinion of this batch - though on many issues pertaining to behaviours of some members of this batch, they are true and have accurately described those behaviours
  • Materials on this website should be read light-heartedly - any major disagreements should be kept to yourself as the webmasters do not take inconsiderate criticisms kindly
  • The website does not at all reflect the personality of its webmasters
  • koleq9094.com does not welcome any kind of prejudism whatsoever
  • The webmasters retain the rights to ban or take the necessary steps against any persons whom they feel undermines the integrity of this website as and when they feel appropriate
  • The website is a non-profiteering entity, as such any of its contents should not be used for commercial purposes. However, the webmasters reserve the rights to change its policy with regards to commercialisation of the website as and when the need arises
  • Some members of this batch do not necessarily look exactly as they did in the photos published on the website; therefore the webmasters cannot be held responsible if you are misled by the photos
  • On Fadli's insistence, the webmasters wish to reiterate that Fadli is much fairer than he looks in the majority of the photos. The darkening of his skin as indicated by the photos was apparently due to incorrect scanning techniques
  • You are required to be comfortable with abundant innuendos embedded in the majority of articles published on the website and consequently abdicate your rights to complain or voice your disagreement
  • The webmasters reserve the right to make a mockery of other people in this batch or any persons related to this batch
  • The website and its readers are subject to the relevant laws in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America and The Federation of Malaysia

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