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TITLE  : 5 Sc 1 '94 - Where our love blossoms
AUTHOR : AJK Kebersihan
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I'm not really sure what am I supposed to write....this is because I have chosen the topic before hand. My lecturer said that it is not a good habit of an excellent writer. You need to prepare everything on the text itself first, then after you have finalised can decide on the topic. This way, you can make sure that the topic is catchy and relevant to your story.

It was not a big deal anyway, nothing special to be in 5 Sc 1 though other students might think that these are the top students who will determine whether we get 10A1s or not in SPM. More or less, people would be looking at you.. Otherwise, life was pretty mundane.

One thing that I regard was very special about my class was our enthusiasm to keep the class decorated. It has become an open secret that senior classes are not well-managed in MCKK...they are dirty, untidy and not condusive for learning and teaching process (no wonder we did not get really impressive results....!). So, we thought that we wanted to be more than just a mundane 5 Sc 1 - all the hardwork must be compensated with something else. So, we came with this idea to 're-engineer' ( since I'm an engineering student, I like to use the word...) our class...


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