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At the Conference of the Malay Rulers (DURBAR) in Kuala Lumpur in 1903, Sultan Idris of the state of Perak had voiced his opinion towards the British Education policy in the Federal Malay States. He suggested that there should be a more positive and direct measures implemented by the British to prepare the Malay boys for the sake of a successful future of Malay States.

Due to this dissatisfaction, Sultan Idris presented a piece of land - 40 acres - in Januari 1905 for the purpose of setting up The Malay College in Kuala Kangsar.

Originally, the college was known as "Malay Residential School". Its original aim could shortly be phrased as "for the education of the Malays of good families and for the training of Malay boys for admission to certain branches of the government service".

Mr. William Hargreaves, who was the headmaster of Penang Free School at that time was granted with responsibilty to be the first principal to set up the first boarding school in Malaya. The school was to be based on the system and style of a "public school" in England.
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The fusion of inteligence and valuable wisdom is the foundation of mankind's progress that is excellent and divine, preserving our race and nation besides pledging loyalty to Allah.


To create a new generation of Collegians who are academically excellent with sound leadership skills and a strong sense of individuality.


Fiat Sapienta Virtus - Manliness Lies Through Wisdom.

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