dear rough and X-angbutuians dan mereka yg. ada connection dgn.nya,

aku tak jue org. bising, aku jue pun org. bising...apa kan daya madad the jealousy of all... kalau nak cerita about myself the past 2 months banyak pulak nak cerita. ni aku ada banyaaaak masa ni since aku skip my clinic petang ni. tu start with in the maternity hospital ada senior doctor ni kalau aku cakap dia hindi film star (porn pun ada sikit kot) org. percaya, nama Serena, dari Egypt. Kalau jadi toyboy dia tak dibayar pun takpe. saying that, aku terfikir pulak nak join nude cleaning agency. tapi betullah, doctors banyak yg cun, kalaulah doctor-student r/ship possible, next time aku grab je - bak kata fadli. my fantasy - do it in the operating theatre!!

i must admit aku ni tak lah angel tapi this last one year aku scandal free - tak ke hebat tu. Tapi flirt sikit2 tu adelah - sabarje. Hari tu aku keluar with my 'girlfriend', chatted up with this group of ppl., aku terlepas dia virgin - as a joke, really - the next thing u know everybody's after her, ended up terpaksa be with her ALL the time. At least it saves me from evil by having my hands tied! Hence, i woke up the next morning alone! Saying that, makin supress makin gatallah, tensyen betul! ada weekend ni jadi predator. anyway, aku balik m'sia for christmas holidays, mix feelings betullah, once u've grown up makin banyak pulak ketidakpuasan hati dgn. ibu-bapa.

rough, banyaaak betul masa kau surf web! oklah, kalau nak certia, i can go on and on and on. this afternoon i've to go to this talk....BORING!!, but boleh bermain2 mata, quite looking forward to that. Medicine is not all work - there are excitements to it. apa password website kita?, dah terdelete pun e-mail tu - more than half tak bacapun. ta re dum re dum, byeeeeeeee.


ps - korang rasa, have i finally lost it?? or was it years ago?? ta re dum re dum

Che Tam

Woi Madad...

awat lama tak contact me!...soon!...lama tak gossip dengan can tell me all about your '"girlfriend"'... senang ye buat medicine life happening sungguh...I have not been out for ages...well...saja nak bagitahu...I'm going out to see a Northern Ballet production show this Saturday...Count Dracula...quite looking forward to it...other than that...betapa depan Chris Tarrant and Anne Robinson jelah (info : meaning depan tv)...Anyway, do give me a ring...

Rough, Thanks for 'explaining' yourself...appreciated that. Pasal going out...sure...give me a date...give me a time...and if I'm available...I would love to...catch up on gossips and all that. Just an option...the South Bank have a Gamelan group...maybe we can go to one of their would be quite a sight watching and hearing all this orang putih playing phone is still the same...and I'm sure I have your number somewhere... The weather was or should I say is, miserable today. It's getting colder and colder by the day...I have a feeling it's going to be a white Christmas this year...wouldn't it be luvely. Are you still going back to Malaysia for Raya?

Madad, you're going back for Raya!...lucky you... Pasal ketidakpuassan hati tu...let me share my thoughts about this with situations of parent-child conflict it doesn't hurt to be a bigger person...what would hurt terribly is inconsiderate words and matter what the predicaments are... sometimes the people we hurt the most are the people you care about the often do you find yourself wanting to lash out to a close one than to a's more often than you's hard to explain...why do we behave so badly towards people that care about us the most...why do we act nice in front of people that most often than not we never see again... hate is evil...but anger is an egotistical's so unnecessary and can easily be controlled when you put your importance last in the equation of friction...I'm saying this to you as much as I'm saying it to myself...

I wish I could go back for Raya...but alas I'm a poor student...feeling homesick now...and I'm feeling the blues coming...could be winter blues or Raya blues...either way I better stop. Goodbye


Wow.. there you go! Yes I am going back to see my parents this year - that's the only meaningful thing in life to me; the more I stay here away from my parents - the more my life is cursed in its full misery! So yes - I can't wait to breath the polluted air of Kemaman, to taste roti canai though I never like it, and to be able to feel belonged to a place I never knew.... Whatever hulu or kampung Kemaman is - I am sure its weather is so much better than London. I know how are you feeling Che Tam - talk about white Christmas, good luck to you as I would be having my 'sun tan' in Malaysia...

I have changed my number - attempt to cut people off from my life maybe? So don't ring the old number as you might get a rent boy or something (unless you intend to ring one laaa....). Otherwise, just tell me your plan - as long as it is cheap and I am free - I am in it. I might not have much gossip to talk about since I rarely encounter any living species nowadays but the kind of rat race deep entrenched in this horrible city - but I make a good listener! And when you are stuck in this miserable environment - what else that you need but a good listener... So I am your man.... (don't get it the wrong way - the offer does not extend to anything physical!)



dear fadli,

aku tempah flight aku dah berzaman on BA (in September in fact), and even then there were difficuties in getting the dates. the chance of u getting one around this time is zilt, unless aunty fatimah can push, push little bit. BUT there is an alternative, naik kapal esok, by raya sampailah!!!

dear che tam,

aku baru di'connect'kan dgn phone baru, no. macam keling tak macam no. lama yg cun melecun - 07796 951477 (vodafone) - that's the no. tengoklah, mungkin malam ni aku call engkau, or rough. gossip tiade - as i mentioned, this year i've been good and life isn't really that great either - going out once in a while does not equate to one. terima kasihlah for the advice on me and my parents, although frankly i CAN'T make sense of what u're trying to deliver there!! and she IS my 'girlfriend' since we are not going out (or sleeping) together.

dear rough,

macam mana nak pergi batch's homepage, can i have the address, and the password and whatever is needed to get to the site - aku ni bengap sikitlah dgn web dan perkara2 yg seangkatan dgnnya. although i'm flatterred to be offered the chance for my exploits to grace the webpage, i humbly decline, i don't think many can handle it - kalau terhandle pun, mengucap panjang kot. tengoklah kalau ada perkara2 yg. kurang sensational i can write (don't bet on it - aku ni cakap je, tapi buatnya tak).




Bak sini URL untuk vote nih. Aku pun nak contribute jugak. Kalau aku ada masa , aku develop software untuk vote every second. Kalau jadik la... (faham2 je la!!).



Laaa... Masa aku first visit today the counter for MC was 10,481. After two minutes and a few hundred mouse clicks later, the counter was10,720. Koleq dah pun beat Bukit Mertajam High School - and the next challenge is to take over Sekolah Foon Yew (don't ask me whether it's a Martian school or a brothel - I don't have a clue what the hell is that!) - 22 thou something. I have made a simple calculation:

Each person only need to spend five minutes a day to vote. In one minute, you could vote 40 times (depending how 'fit' and fast your finger is in clicking the mouse repeatedly!). So altogether a person contributes 200 votes per day. We have around 50 people in this net - say only 50% bothers to vote. They will tell other budak koleq to join in the effort; so all in all we will have 50 people (one for one) voting each day. Darjah Dua nya maths: 50 X 200 = 10,000 votes per day.

Within a week, we will reach the 100,000 mark. Within two weeks, we will be in top three. Within three weeks, say 'sod-off' to Penang Free because MC is truly the best school in Malaysia. So people - come on, let's get going! Spread this word around...

Allen, do your stuff, make sure the juniors in IC got this e-mail and semua orang in 'voting mania' again - since we no longer have budak Mech Eng. macam Jita who can afford to spend his day main computer in lab...


hehe ..

aku pun tengah develop software tapi aku dah abandon sbb aku busy minggu ni.. btw harie aku rasa baik kau randomize kan sket "vote time interval" kalau tak, senang ditrace as robot ==> spamming, dos and whatsoever


>Bebudah ex-BRU tak de nak bagi usrah masa bulan Ramadhan ni ke? >ROUGH

especially yg BRU undercover dulu tu, i think it's high time u shed the covers.


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