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TITLE  : Her Course
AUTHOR : Andi Rajawali
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Before I proceed with what I want to say, I must remind myself that I have skipped a lecture and that there will be a mid-semester test afterwards. I just have around 45 minutes to express whatever I want to say. More importantly, I need to do a lot of revising tonight... However, the thing that I want to say has been lingering in my mind for almost a week. When I read about ‘Melayu Baru’ just now, I reckon that I can no longer delay this; I must get the thing out of my mind...

It all started last week. I am an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student. Every Thursday I have a 3-hour laboratory session on electrical circuits. My partner is a Singaporean lady, I think she is 3 years older than me ( though she looks like a 17-year old girl ). We were busy with our experiments when suddenly, she broke out of silence and asked me:

"Do you think that Malaysia is more superior than Singapore?".

I was shocked because I did not expect such a question to come in the middle of my laboratory session. I gave a very concise answer -

"...If you are talking in terms of resources, I suppose so..!".

I tried to cut short the conversation by trying to be a bit fair and not bias. However, she bombarded me with these remarks:

"What do you think about Mahathir?"


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