Growing Pains

" ... walaupun kau banyak dosa kat aku, aku maafkan. Maafkan segala dosa aku. Kau dah lama hidup dengan aku so aku rasa kau tahu semua yang aku nak tulis. A humble cry to beloved, cunning friend....

Muhd. Firdaus Abdul Monir, Teras Jernang, Kajang "

That was what Fido wrote at the back of a photo of us. Though I still do not understand why he used the word 'cunning' to describe me - nor did the word 'beloved' endear him much to me since I still make fun of his Bugis origin; it does make me smile sometimes when I accidentally come across these photos. Photos speak louder than words and though I hate to be sentimental when it comes to MCKK, they were testamentary of the colourful and fulfilling years in MCKK.


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